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St Peter’s Launches Without® Alcohol-Free Beer

St Peter’s Without® is the delicious new brew from St Peter’s Brewery in Suffolk. It’s
malty, full-bodied and bursting with flavour – just as you’d expect from a finely brewed
ale. Three years in the making, St Peter’s Without® is a real, bona fide choice even for
the most ardent beer drinker as it is brewed to the exact same standards as your
favourite craft ale, but without the alcohol. In fact, it contains less alcohol…

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National pub chains tap into St. Peter’s non-alcoholic beer

Pub chain giants JD Wetherspoon and Stonegate will begin pouring a range of
non-alcoholic beers brewed by St. Peter’s in a bid to tap into a rise in teetotalism among
younger drinkers…

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JD Wetherspoon and Stonegate bring in St Peter’s non-alcoholic beer

The Norfolk-based brewers are already widely stocked across supermarkets and bars in the UK with both bottles and casks, and are now ready to unleash their non-alcoholic range, which they have spent £1 million over three years developing..

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St. Peter’s Brewery launches alcohol free beer, Without

Seeing a gap in the market for a delicious, full-bodied alcohol free beer that really tastes as good as the real thing, St Peter’s Brewery has launched St Peter’s Without, a three-year project and a major investment for the craft brewery..

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A New Non Alcoholic Beverage: St. Peter’s Without

Seeing a gap in the market for a full-bodied alcohol free beer that really tastes as good as the real thing, St Peter’s Brewery has launched St Peter’s Without.

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St Peter’s launches alcohol-free beer

St Peter’s has unveiled an alcohol-free beer that it says is full-bodied and tastes as “good as the real thing”.

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St Peter’s launches alcohol-free beer

Top 10 low and non-alcoholic drinks

The Norfolk-based brewers are already widely stocked across supermarkets and bars in the UK with both bottles and casks, and are now ready to unleash their non-alcoholic range…

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BBC Radio 2 – Simon Mayo, Drive Time Review


“This is St Peter’s Without 0.05 from St Peter’s. Based at the St Peter’s Hall near Bungay and they’ve done a good job. Packs plenty of punch. There’s no way you’d know this is without alcohol. It’s that good malty punch, that’s what you need. Often they are more lager-style but I much prefer this it’s a darker beer and there’s lots of malt in there. You’d absolutely get away with this. You’d think 4-5% something like that. St Peter’s has done a good job. This is a great way if you’re going to have a day off it then drink some of this, you’ll barely miss it.”

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Alcohol-free Without is an export success


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“I thought you would like to know that I found your St Peter’s Without the best alcohol free I have ever tasted. Really excellent.”


“Hi All
I had to drop you a line to thank you for St Peter’s Without Original Ale.
I have not been able to drink alcohol for over 3 years due to medication I have to take. It has been a sad 3 years of soft drinks and terrible non alcoholic lagers and wines.
Two weeks ago I discovered “Without Original” and my life is transformed. I used to love real ales and this is the best thing I’ve tasted in 3 years. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You have a very happy customer, please don’t ever stop making it.
Thanks and regards”

Trina B

“Your alcohol free ale is far and away the best on the market.
I was so impressed that I had to immediately find 12 bottles one of which I have attached.
As a reformed drinker this makes my life much more pleasurable and allows me to feel like a grown up at a myriad of social occasions.
I salute you and I salute your beer.”

David Elliott

“Thank you so much for this delicious drink. I stopped drinking alcohol over a year ago, this is by far the best af beer/ lager I’ve tasted! I jumped for joy when I saw it in my local Tesco’s. Thanks again.
Drinking Without helps me to feel I’m not going without!”

Marion Carr

“I just wanted to say thank you to St Peter’s for creating Without. I decided to give up alcohol some time ago but I’ve never lost my taste for excellent beer. I’ve been drinking European alcohol-free beers but I’ve really wanted to see some British brewers offering a proper beer to compete against them. Without delivers on every level as far as I’m concerned – it will undoubtedly become my staple.
Thanks again”

A Chambers

“I am writing to thank you and congratulate you on St Peter’s Without. I first discovered it in March on a visit to the Tesco store in Cheshunt. I have today found it in Whole Foods in Cheltenham. It is so lovely to find a beer that has been brewed with so much care to preserve the flavour, just without the alcohol. Having been an ale/beer/bitter drinker for some 25 years or so, I recently gave up alcohol as a life choice. When I’m out soft drinks get too sweet throughout an evening and too many pubs take the easy bulk purchase option of Beck’s Blue. We have recently returned from Spain where the selection of 0.0% beers is vast and most pubs/restaurants stock different choices.
I know the landlord/owner of a local independent bar/restaurant who have recently taken on a new much larger venue as well. I certainly will be recommended it to them.”


“I have just purchased my first bottle of St Peter’s Without at my local Tesco – what an absolute revelation!
For 25 years I used to thoroughly enjoy sampling craft ales from the light summer ales to the nourishing winter warmers.
However, for medical reasons I had to give up alcohol.
I was very frustrated that the alcohol free beers in the supermarkets were mainly confined to Pilsner type lagers, which although very refreshing when chilled, lacked the taste and complexity I was craving for.
Gently pouring St Peter’s Without I was immediately struck by the thick rich head that emerged and the beautiful copper colour that presented itself. The taste though was awesome. Light hoppy notes complemented the rich underlying bass tones of the malt. When finished I admired the lace of the head clinging to the sides of the glass – a true sign of a good ale.
You have done it! An excellent craft ale with all the taste, complexity and flavour of the real thing but with none of the alcohol.
Please can you pass on my congratulations to all the team and in particular the Head Brewer. A truly fantastic achievement.”


“Just wanted to say, very well done on St Peters Without. I’m a huge fan of everything you do at St Peters, and have been for a number of years, and I was overjoyed that you’d ventured into the free-beer market. You’ve created the best alcohol-free beer I’ve ever tasted, bar none. I’ve tried almost every alcohol-free beer available on the UK market, some of which are exceptionally good, but none of which rival Without. My only complaint is that is isn’t more readily available in Scottish bars!”

Grant, Falkirk

“Just had to drop you an email. That St Peters Without is one seriously good beer. I am giving the beers a rest for Jan & Feb (well alcohol ones), and have been going through a list of different low alcohol/alcohol free beers, and cracked your one. Awesome! Here’s the list of what I have gone through of varying like/dislikes, but nothing compares to St Peters Without:
• Clausthaler
• Jupiler
• Krombacher
• Bitburger
• Acrobrau Urfass
• Arcobrau Weissbier
• Big Drop
• Stowford (cider)
• Rothaus
• Cheers
• Ambar
• Bavaria
• Superbock
• Becks Blue
• Carling (o%)
• Veltins
• Arcobrau Radler
• Nix Lager.

Keep it up!”

John, Jersey

“I thought it was the best I had ever tasted, bar none!”

Peter, London

“Very good non-alcoholic drink. If it was available in pubs it would make a very welcome alternative to coke, soda water etc.”

“Very nice drink”

“A really tasty ale, lovely dark golden colour. All in all, a really nice ale, exciting that a alcohol free ale can taste as good as it does”

William, Suffolk

“I genuinely enjoyed the taste. It has a different taste to an alcoholic beer, but certainly not in a bad way. I found it far more malty than any other alcohol free or low alcohol beer, but it still had body to it, which is pretty unique I think. I will certainly choose ‘Without’ as a second pint next time I see it.”

Steve, London

“It’s a great product and my Dad found it very drinkable and tasty too. He is always sceptical about very low alcohol beers, but liked yours, which is a first!”

Steve, London

“‘Without’ is a masterpiece. It’s aromatic, hoppy and malty; pours like a real ale, looks and tastes incredible. I’ve made myself read the label twice just to check I’m not being fooled into drinking a beer with alcohol!”

Dirk, Doncaster

“Just taken delivery of my first order of “Without”… You guys have nailed it for sure… I heard about it on Radio 2 last week when Nigel Barden was raving about it, so decided to buy a couple of dozen… Certainly the best low/no I’ve tried by a country mile or more.”

Steve Vincent

“The beer has arrived and it has exceeded my expectations. It is excellent. I have tried many low, and zero alcohol beers and few are acceptable. ‘Without’ is exceptional. I wish you every success with this product.”

David Stephenson

“Just wanted to congratulate the brewery on this drink.  I have tried at least four alcohol free ‘beers’ and this is the only one which I enjoyed, and which I would drink regularly.  Livers will benefit!”

Pam Wagstaff

“Good morning, I would just like to thank you for the excellent St. Peter’s Without® Original and Gold alcohol-free beer. When I discovered this in my local supermarket it has helped change my life. I would never have thought of drinking non alcohol drinks but this is different. Please keep up the good work and that’s from a long term drinker of alcohol beer. Thank you!”

Alan watson

“Dear St. Peter’s,
Just to let you know, I had the pleasure of trying the St. Peter’s Without® Original at the weekend and I just wanted to drop you a fan email to say what a great drink it is. It actually tastes like good beer! It’s also a refreshing change to have a beer alternative to the various alcohol-free lagers which are out there. I really hope that the whole range of Without® Beers will make it on to the supermarket shelves soon. (I made my discovery at Sainsbury’s). That’s the thing, you see – you’ve created a monster, and now we all just want more, more, more!”

Kate P

“As I cannot drink alcohol, and have been unable to for many years, you can imagine my joy drinking your real ale Without® Original. It is a wonderful drink and I just love it! I have been enjoying this beer for the past year or so and now our local Tesco sells it, life has become very rewarding once more!”

John Pelham

“I’ve been a non-drinker for the last 15 years and have just discovered the St Peter’s Without alcohol free beer.  What a happy find.   After numerous years trying out alcohol free drinks, I’m moved to write that this is by far – and then beyond far some more – the best alcohol free drink I’ve come across.   It’s great to finally find a dark beer too.

I’ve become used to alcohol free drinks that are very much a poor relation to the “real thing”. This beer however is a great drink in its own right.

Thank you to whoever dreamed this product up and produced it.

With best wishes”

Lindsey Drage

“Hello all, 

SWEET BABY JESUS !!!  at last a fantastic non alcoholic beer. 

I have been T total for over 5 years and being an x real drinker all the non alcoholic beers / letters have been poor.


keep the good work up & thanks again .”

Jon Davies

‘Hi Steve

I just wanted to drop a line , I have had one or two or more of your Alcohol free beer , that my I brought from my local Tesco As a 49 yr old ex-rugby player I know a thing or two about beer , But your beer is quite simply brilliant, depth, taste, colours , and very refreshing cold.

You don’t need alcohol, for a good time and your beer really hits the spot compared to other free beers Well done , Steve please pass on my comments to whoever Bloody lovely.

Take care

Best Wishes’

Dan Leaney

St Peters Without series offers the perfect pint for those who are looking for that 0.00% alcohol but 110% flavour.  Whether you’re the designated driver, have been alcohol-free since 93, or are just cutting down on your units – St Peter’s Without range are all brewed to the exact same standards as all your other craft ales.  In fact, they contain less alcohol than a glass of orange juice and 25% fewer calories than a standard pint.  This full-bodied beer is perfect for all lager and ale drinkers, especially because they won’t give you a headache the next day.


“We really love the work (THE BEER) you do at the St Peter Brewery we are keen to spread the word. I introduced your St. Peter’s Without Organic, Alcohol Free Beer to a friend of the family whos 93 and vowed never to drink a non alcohol beer and he bloody loved it, if that’s not an endorsement for the great products your selling I don’t know what is.”

Ron Climpson, Suffolk

“Had a bottle for first time last night and was very impressed. A really good alternative to an alcoholic drink. Far better than the chemically tasting lager substitutes”


“Dear St. Peter’s Brewery

We would like to thank you for making such an amazing ale. The moment we’ve tried your non-alcohol ale we couldn’t believe it’s real! It’s something out of this world and it’s completely incomparable to any other low alcohol ales or beers. It would also be nice to see a wider variety of your products in stores.

Thank you so much for making such a great product for people who can’t or don’t want to consume alcohol. Best of luck and keep up the good quality.

Kind regards,”

Nadia and Victor

‘Dear Sirs,

For many years I have enjoyed a number of “zero zero” lagers on the continent.  For the same many years I have asked for zero zero beers in this country and been offered only a couple of undrinkable brands or none at all.  Yesterday, by chance when visiting a friend in Bedford, I came across St Peter’s Without.  At last!  A zero zero UK beer that is more than just drinkable; it is an excellent beer in it’s own right.  Well done St Peter’s Brewery.  It may be a lot to ask from a micro brewery but can you please ensure it will soon be available in every bar and pub in the country. I don’t expect miracles in this respect – tomorrow will do and you can start in Nottingham!

My thanks and best wishes’

Ray Fry

“Thanks to you and your team for producing a great alcohol free beer with the original malty taste.

I was diagnosed with prediabetes sugar levels 2 months ago and decided to reduce my weight.

By drinking your beer during the week that is also low calorie and eating more healthily I have lost 2 stone in weight and cut back on my alcohol intake which is better for my liver and other organs.

I previously didn’t enjoy alcohol free beers but your original has a great taste.

I can currently purchase it from Tesco for £1.30 a bottle and recommended to our local Morrisons supermarket in Beverley to obtain stock – they are only currently stocking the Gold alcohol free bottles that they sell at £1.27 a bottle.

Good beer at a good price.

Thank you all for helping me become healthier.

Kind regards”

Peter Alvey

“WITHOUT doubt!!! The best non-alcoholic beer on the market. This is a superb drink and should be available in ALL pubs.
Well done St. Peters, this is a huge leap forward, in fact it is better than many alcoholic beers.”

Ron Higginbotham

“Dear Brewery People,

Three weeks into ‘Dry January’ and I find my resolve fortified by your ‘Without’; a genuinely lovely tipple. It feels like one is cheating: it is full-flavoured, hoppy, fruity, nice body and glow. The taste experience is really good. All this and driving? No hangover? Amazing…more so as I’m into my fourth week.

The fourth is with me!

All the best”

Gary Duncan