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I had been delighted with your initiative to produce alcohol free beers as I have a serious health problem which is now in remission and have adopted a healthier lifestyle so had decided to stop drinking alcohol. I can get the original Without locally which is great but wanted to try the new Elderflower and Raspberry version. We took some of this home and both my wife and I think it’s one of the best beers we’ve ever tasted. It’s really unusual and like nothing else – in a good way – but has a natural, complex taste and when cooled is great in this weather. I think it’s a real find and asked Tesco locally (Great Notley) if they could get some in as they stock the original! I am not sure if this is a limited edition but really hope you continue with it. I am disappointed that so few pubs have caught up with these beers yet and I ask every time I go in one if they stock them. I have had just one success so far in Cambridge! Some alcohol free beers still taste awful but all the ones you produce are excellent – this is a really important initiative for so many reasons and I suspect from the reaction of beer drinking friends who try them that these beers will get more and more popular, not just for the health and the drink drive benefits but also because they taste great! Just wanted to write in to say thanks to you all at St Peter’s and keep up the good work on these. Your normal beers are great too!

Graham F


This beer features arguably the best fruit for beer (raspberry) along with the greatly underappreciated wild fruit of the elder tree. It’s also good to see such a creative sounding combination used in an alcohol free beer. And it’s brewed by St Peter’s, who rarely put a foot wrong. The beer is one of those 0% brews that has raw malt flavours to give it the desired beery body – a taste that we’re not usually that keen on – but the fruit combo merges nicely with the malty sweetness to make it all turn out a little more natural. Despite the double-berry flavouring it’s no sickly sweet fruit beer and the hops are allowed as much prominence as the brown malt. The overall effect is a flavoursome brew that has neatly tricked the palette into thinking its dealing in alcohol.

Two Thirsty Gardeners


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